How Digital Marketing has become a better option than traditional marketing?

If you are good at understanding the customers’ needs and have right products or service which is a right fit then you shouldn’t worry about Marketing. You should be good marketer to reach to your target audience with the right solutions.

Marketing has a various channels like TV Ads, Radio Ads, and Newspapers to reach to the target audience which all falls under traditional marketing and now we have also Digital Marketing which is evolving marketing channel to the reach the target markets. 

Every coin has two sides. In the same way, Both the types of marketing channels i.e. online marketing vs offline marketing have its own pros and cons.

To start with, first let’s go through and understand some insights of traditional marketing –

  • TV has a wide targeting audience if the products is generic then we can reach millions to billions at lowest possible cost. (Source –Wikipedia).
  • Radio is also one of traditional marketing channel & which have a good market reach which is 65% of Indian Population. (Source –Financial Express)
  • Also, we have Newspaper which is also considered as a traditional marketing channel. Newspaper has a reach of 465 million people. (Source – Business standard)

But, the main disadvantage of Traditional marketing is you cannot personalize your marketing message, you cannot do deep marketing and also the natural sale doesn’t happen through it.

Now, let’s talk about Digital Marketing which is evolving and growing marketing channel to reach the target markets over the web. It became a best media to reach to the affluent English speaking population in India which is close to 100 million users with spending power.

And the biggest advantages of using digital marketing channel is that you can do personalize the marketing message as much as possible, you can easily do deep marketing and implement the natural sales techniques to make customer fall into your sales funnel without doing any high sales pitch. Digital Marketing with the advantage of having analytical tools, you can take much more informed decisions and optimized your marketing messages. That’s why many firms and individuals started understanding the benefits of digital marketing in India and they have made the digital marketing an integral part of their media mix planning.

Let’s go further and understand 

CATT Marketing Funnel and Framework –

Why as Marketer, we need to have clear framework which will allow marketing process to flow effectively and bring prospective customers into your marketing funnel ?

It is because CATT Marketing Funnel makes your job easy to have greater clarity about your target audience and whom you are going to target.

So, let’s understand what CATT Marketing Funnel and Framework is –

Wealth = n ^ CATT

Niche (n)- Once, you are clear about your niche selection then CATT Marketing Funnel will multiply the success rate in generating the wealth and meet your desired goals.

Content (C ) – Well, we need to have valuable contents to inform and help our prospects to learn about our products or services which will make them to take informed decisions. The contents could be in any forms such as like Blogs, posts, editorials, webinars, podcasts, products videos, e-books etc.

Attention (A) – Now, you have created various forms of valuable contents to educate about your products or services. But, if you are unable to bring the attention (traffic) towards your product or service then your contents doesn’t carry any value and it is only possible when you drive the relevant traffic to your contents through Paid ads, referral links, social media and SEO efforts.

Trust (T) – Your target audience know about your products and services but if they don’t trust you then they will move further and take required actions. Building Trust in our products and services takes time and in order to do so, what we required is marketing automation, trip wires and re-targeting campaign to captures their attention. 

Transaction (T) – Now, you have generated desired interest and built trust among your target audience (leads) for your products and services, it’s time to push them further to transact with natural sales method. This is the final action which completes the customer sales cycle and helps you to generate sales (wealth).  Now that we have understood how leaner marketing process helps us to reach to our target audience but let’s understand how it can be done effectively.

The Integrated Digital Marketing Framework –

Only working with 1 -2 Digital marketing components alone, you will not able to get the results.

Many people try to do SEO and they don’t see any result.

People do Facebook and Google Adwords ads and they get nothing from it. People go for content marketing alone thinking that it gives them result but that alone doesn’t work.  So, What we required is to have an integrated digital marketing strategy in place. Every Digital Marketing components such as Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing is powerful on its own. Every Digital Marketing components complements other by playing its own strength. That’s why it is being called Integrated Digital Marketing. 

If you integrate each components of digital marketing with your marketing goals then we will sure to get the results that we intended.

Let’s see the Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Content Marketing –
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Paid Advertising (PPC)
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Social Media

Instead of running ads on one platform & expects to show the results, how about having integrated digital advertising channels and take a leverage from it in a unified way which will give you the result.

The people will be there at different stage in the marketing funnel.

Some people will be searching about products or services and may get attracted towards it with intention to consider it.

 Some people are building trust with your product or services.

And some have already shown interest to buy.

To get the results from Digital Marketing, you need to build an integrated Digital Marketing framework which should be aligned with CATT Marketing Funnel.

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